juan cruz rabaglia

I discovered photography at the age of 14, when my father reluctantly let me borrow his beloved Nikon FM2 for my first trip to the South with some friends. It was then that I came across the two passions that would inexorably define my future –Patagonia and photography. I still have the pictures I took in that and many other trips and which covered the walls of my studio, in an attempt to preserve that clear and innocent look which, even with no technical training or perhaps just because of that, managed to convey much more than an image. Upon graduating from high school, I studied Biochemistry for 4 years at the University of Buenos Aires and after a long trip through Bolivia and Perú, I discovered that what I really wanted was to work with a camera in my hands and I started attending classes at Andy Goldstein's School of Photography, where I received technical and artistic training. Later on, at the age of 23 and already as a working photographer, I had my first professional experience in mass media with Tiempo de Aventura magazine, where the single assignment of a shooting production at Domuyo volcano turned into a work relationship that continued for over 13 years, which allowed me to visit incredible places such as the Southern Patagonian Ice Field or the Amazonian jungle, among many others. I have been living with my family at San Carlos de Bariloche, in the Argentinean Patagonia, for 9 years now, and it's in these woods, in these mountains and in these lakes where I do most of my freelance professional photography. I collaborate with many graphic media, including newspapers such as La Nación, Clarín, Río Negro, La Mañana de Neuquén, and magazines such as Gente, Viva, Nueva, Sportmax, Cuissine & Vins, El federal and Cinemanía. Also I´ve been working in advertising campaigns for different brands, such as Red Bull, Ansilta, Forest, Alto Valle snowboards and for well-known organisations and film companies such as Discovery Channel, Ideas del Sur, Patagonik Films, Patagonia Eventos and Antu Patagonia. Besides, I act as a photographer for foreign film and advertising directors such as Laurie Castelli, and I take part in image bank development for institutions such as the Argentine Tourism Agency, Emprotur and Federal Board of Investment. Furthermore, I regularly cover adventure races such as Saab Salomon World Cup, K 42, Challenge of the Volcanoes, Chapelco Tetratlon and Nike Circuit. On top of that, I've presented my work in group and individual photographic exhibitions at Buenos Aires and San Carlos de Bariloche. Currently, I pursue Film studies at FASTA University and I teach Lighting and Black and White courses at photography schools. I belong to the generation of photographers who had to face the transition from analog to digital photography. A long time ago, I decided to keep in a box the Black and White lab I had installed in the bathroom of my old apartment. Unfortunately, that box is still waiting to see again the red light. However, I am a fan of digital photography and its endless possibilities. The best of all is that my passion remains intact –it has certainly stood the test of time.

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